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Image Technology GR11 Ghost Remover


A non-caustic stain/haze removal product for all ink types.

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A non-caustic stain/haze removal product for all ink types. Safely remove ink haze and maintain your screens without the use of harmful caustics.

A non-caustic haze remover for all ink types, which contains a degreaser. There is no need to degrease when this product is used.
  • Reduced hazard, biodegradeable.
  • Dissolves stains fast, in minutes, not hours.
  • Ready to use liquid, will not seperate. Requires less.
  • Ships via UPS.
Directions:  Apply to both sides of wet screen, scrub, power wash out screen then rinse with clean water. If you are using films, this product will produce a sheeting action for applying films

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